...Refreshing your chain!

Direct Packing Solutions completes your supply chain by integrating the packaging process. Together with Direct Source International we are your local partner in controlling, monitoring and refreshing the entire supply chain.

Being in charge of the whole process enables us to keep on optimizing the supply chain !

  • Full control over your supply chain
  • One partner, optimal communication
  • Optimizing your supply chain for each product
  • One partner for all transport
  • Optimized and trusted transport services
  • Realtime update
  • Direct insights on quality and stock positions
  • Selecting specific batches for packing
  • Unique in-house modern packing facility
  • Complete flexibility in packaging options
  • Constant quality control standards
  • Uniform packaging look and feel
  • Complete flexibility
  • One contact for all transport
  • In-house transport service
  • Last-minute projects
  • Access to DSI network
  • Outsource your product completely
  • Clear insights in cost of your supply chainn
  • An optimized supply chain for each product

We PACK...

Our modern packing facility is based near Rotterdam and right in the fresh heart of Europe. For this we are an ideal partner for retailers who are looking for one partner who sources, stores and have their fruit packed and distributed all around Europe from one location.

We offer a completely controlled chain that will ensure a perfect product constantly packed according to your needs. 


The challenge when working with several partners in your supply chain is that everyone has their own way of working .

Whenever things go wrong the whole chain needs to be checked before finding a quick solution.

Direct Packing Solutions in combination with Direct Source International is one partner that will control your entire supply chain taking responsibility and offer a refreshing look on how to constantly optimize and improve.


You need your produce today or even yesterday …packed and distributed to a warehouse somewhere in Europe.

With such a short timeframe you need answers and you need them quick! Without any time to lose you need to rely on a partner that will inform you about the challenges that need to be solved and how we will solve them for you.

With Direct Packing Solutions in control of the entire proces we will inform you and give you a direct and honest view on how we can make the impossible……possible!


The advantage of having everything in-house means that we are on top of our business. This means that our quality assurance is according to your needs and our packing facility will offer a constant quality output of your fresh produce. Those partners whose stock we are keeping and order flow we’re controlling will have constant insights in the quality and the shelf life of the stock.

We believe to be a better partner, our aim should be to control and improve every aspect of the supply chain.


A supply chain can look that simple but yet it is one of the most complex parts of the retail business. Optimizing and constantly refreshing your views on supply chain management are big challenges and nearly impossible to perfect. Direct Packing Solutions and our sister company Direct Source International will control the complete chain making it possible for you to optimize your supply chain in cooperation with our team experts.

Looking for improvements in your chain? Challenge us!

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